Goal Management Site

Learner Comments Report

Redesign of existing report

August, ‘14 :: View screen capture png

With the addition of themes coming to an existing report devoted to student comments, I redesigned the text layout to focus on legibility. The comments are grouped in a clear hierarchy and contrast has been improved.

Goal Management Site

Evaluations Report

Redesign of existing report

February, ‘14 :: Before vs After png

As part of an effort to support right-to-left languages, I made updates to an evaluation report to improve legibility and appearance. The report is opened up with additional white space, graphics are updated for a cleaner look, and typography is improved.

Goal Management Site

On-the-Job Goal Tracking

Performance Improvement tool for goal management

August, ‘13 :: View screen capture png

A responsive site, dedicated to allowing employees and managers to update goals easily, regardless of device. Bold tiles make goal progress easy to see and modifications easy to make.

Login Page

MTM Login Page

Redesign of existing login page

May, ‘12 :: Before vs After png

A redesign of an existing page, I rearranged the page to provide a clear hierarchy and to make logging in the primary action. Promotions are updated regularly and are more eye catching and informative than blocks of text.

Career Planner

Career Planner

Proposed career planner portal

May, ‘12 :: View mockup png

A portal for which an employee could map their current competencies against a desired role in an organization and learn where their gaps were. I used color coding and bold blocked items to make this easy to configure, but also to help gather details quickly.

Instructor Portal

Instructor Portal

Proposed portal dedicated to instructor users

December, ‘12 :: View mockup png

A portal designed to give instructors access to all of their primary needs on one screen. I focused on bringing key data to instructors without requiring any interaction. Tools and reports are available in a class-focused layout for simple navigation.

iPad Application

iPad Dashboard App

iOS application for viewing shared dashboards

July, ‘11 :: View screen capture png

An iOS application to view dashboard widgets shared with specific users (ex: executives). The application used many paradigms of iOS 5 to allow users to feel comfortable, but also allowed rapid information gathering through pop-over navigation.

Thought Chasm

Thought Chasm

Proposed web design mockup

February, ‘10

An update to Thought Chasm, a personal blog. With Tumblr and Twitter integration and a three-column layout, Chasm provides content at a glance. Legible typography and simple visuals compliment the content.


NuEar Hearing Instruments

Website redesign translated from PSD

January, ‘10 :: NuEar.com

Working with Starkey Labs, I spliced and coded this site from the PSD Vilah Creative provided. Visually layered, styles were allocated with target users in mind, including the ability to resize body text.

Oregon Trailings

Oregon Trailings

Website design, development and content creation

October, ‘09

This site documents a trip to the Northwest. I used a Field Notes brand notebook for notes during and then as inspiration after.

Active Outdoors Concierge

Active Outdoors Concierge

Website design and implementation

October, ‘09 :: ActiveOutdoorsConcierge.com png

From the background image to the photo-heavy layout, this site showcases the adventurous nature of the business. It’s layered and slightly asymmetrical.

North Shore Academy of the Arts

North Shore Academy of the Arts

Site design and development using Wordpress as CMS

August, ‘09

With Wordpress, NSAA updates their site with fresh content quickly and easily, improving their search ranking and adding incentive to return. It’s a playful reflection of the Academy.

Ephraim - Door County

Ephraim – Door County

Proposed website design mockup

August, ‘09 :: View mockup png

Ephraim is a gorgeous town in Door County, WI; I designed this site to promote that. It’s readable, with intuitive navigation.

Cool Deals and Hot Events

Cool Deals and Hot Events

Page design and implementation within existing site

January, ‘09

This page promotes late winter and spring events. The play of the blues and oranges in Meet Minneapolis’ brand embodies the cool vs. hot feel throughout a clean layout loaded with photos.

Meet Minneapolis Promotional Landing Pages

Promotional Landing Pages

Page design, development and content configuration within existing CMS

May, ‘08 – February, ‘09 :: Holidays, Culinary, RNC jpg

Using Simplicis, a CMS from Valtira, and assisted by their developers, I developed customizable landing pages. They’re used for various events and promotions, including the Republican National Convention.

Minneapolis Meetings - Bio

Minneapolis Meetings – Bio

Microsite design and development within existing template

Fall, ‘07

This is a specialized site directed at biomedical industries. Built in the template of MinneapolisMeetings.com, it promotes local companies and information related to those industries.

A collection of solutions at various points in the design process, showcasing different techniques and aesthetics.