To state it simply, I’ve been creating sites from scratch for more than ten years.

Sometimes I use Online CMS tools, giving clients control over their own content, but I always design for intuitive user experience. I strive to design and implement sustainable, accessible solutions.

Specialties: Effective interface design and illustration for Web, focused on intuitive user experiences and responsive design.

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Web Designer :: CEB (previously KnowledgeAdvisors, Inc)

I work closely with project managers and developers, but I also lead development teams and work independently on projects that improve the usability of MTM. I'm interested in refining the interface and improving the user’s experience.

  • Design efficient, consistent solutions to simplify a user’s workflow
  • Partner with developers, coaching on CSS, HTML, and UX best practices
  • Outline requirements from a user’s perspective and designing elements based on those needs
  • Work with project managers, ensuring any mock-ups meet requirements while adhering to fundamental design principles
  • Present designs that meet requirements and match or exceed the appearance project leaders expect, not my own design preferences
  • Lead development teams for 508 compliance, browser support, and exercises to bring new functionality to MTM
  • Compile analytics and usage statistics for department leadership

Design-focused projects:

  • Designed a responsive site for managing on-the-job goals
  • Designed a dashboard iPad application and administrative tools
  • Designed and developed a redesigned application login page
  • Redesigned the product’s logo
  • Refreshed report outputs to focus on readability, legibility, and aesthetics
  • Other improvements and tools that include an auto-saving interview tool for rapid transcription, a dynamic worksheet, and a potential career portal

Web Designer :: Starkey Labs, Inc.

I developed sites for companies who distribute Starkey hearing products within a network of brands. These solutions are broadly accessible, including text resizing and similar features. I regularly updated content using HTML, CSS, Wordpress, JSP and SiteCore.

Master of Online Marketing :: Inizio Creative

While formulating strategies to increase clients’ online presence, I developed search-optimized and responsive sites in Wordpress and other CMS tools. These allow clients to easily improve their search rankings with frequently updated content independently.

Interactive Designer :: Meet Minneapolis

First with HTML and CSS, then within a custom CMS tool, I updated Meet Minneapolis’ suite of sites, coordinating the efforts of three other companies. I monitored the tourism bureau’s social involvement and created many promotions and custom landing pages for events and campaigns.

Contract Interactive Designer :: Creatis, Inc.

Using Flash and HTML, I developed projects that ranged from internal company slideshows to HTML displays at hospitals and other large dining venues. Some clients included Medtronic and Meet Minneapolis.

Web Designer :: Minnesota Daily

Working with the development team, I redesigned the Minnesota Daily’s website. The design improved navigation, readability, and usability while adding multimedia functionality. I regularly updated the site's content.

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I develop most often in HTML and CSS, referencing Javascript when appropriate. I use Photoshop and Dreamweaver or Coda most often. I’m as proficient in Windows as OS X, preferring the latter.

I design and code for aesthetics back to Internet Explorer 8, across platforms, but only debug for functionality for IE7 or IE6. If curious, please ask why.

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University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Major: Graphic Design; Minor: Information Technology

Photoshop, Keynote, PowerPoint, Illustrator

Coda, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver

jQuery, Wordpress